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Sopron is known by Hungarians as Civitas Fidelissima, ”The Most Faith ful Town”, a well deserved title based on its history: in 1277 the town, then under foreign rule, opened its gates to welcome the Hungarian king László the IVth, and centuries later during the plebiscite of 1921 the inhabitants of Sopron stated their desire to be Hungarian citizens.

Sopron with its natural environment, the Sopron Hills with the valley of the Rák brook and the Balf Hills with Lake Fertő, creates a unique landscape of complete harmony. Creeks, gentle slopes, marked forest routes and paths for hikers, more than forty springs, twenty brooks, seven lakes, five lookout towers await nature-lovers, who seek relaxation. Sopron’s pleasant climate with a sub-alpine character is famous for its healing powers and has a beneficial effect on guests or patients in need of relaxation and regeneration. The sight of forest fruits, mushrooms and flowers mixed with the characteristic “whispers” and noises of the oak forest and chestnut groves provide a permanent source of delight.

Culture has also had a special importance in these places that take pride in being the home of a world famous personality of classical music: the virtuoso of the piano, composer, conductor and pedagogue Liszt Ferenc was born in Doborján (Raiding) in the former Sopron county; the house of his birth is today a memorial museum.

Hotels in Sopron:

Best Western Pannonia M. Hotel**** (9400 Sopron, Várkerület 75.)
Hotel Sopron**** (9400 Sopron, Fövényverem u. 7.)
Hunguest Hotel Maroni*** (9400 Sopron, Lővér krt. 74.)
Rosengarten Hotel*** (9400 Sopron, Lackner K. u. 64.)
Hotel Palatinus*** (9400 Sopron, Új u. 23.)
Hotel Wollner*** (9400 Sopron, Templom u. 20.)
Solar Club Hotel Apartman*** (9400 Sopron, Panoráma út 16.)